This regular meetup is for Composers, Sound Designers, Studio Musicians, Game Developers, Film Makers, Voice Actors and everyone else who is professionally involved with video games and audio or wants to be.

It's major purpose is a regular meeting here in Hamburg to chat, get to know, and learn from each other, and network. But we also invite als Gamedevs and Filmmakers to ask us all they want to know about audio, and our work, or are looking for people to work with.

Newcomers wanting to break into this field are also welcome.

Everyone, please respect the group rules for posts, and be nice and welcoming with each other.

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Game Audio Meetup Hamburg #15 - 25

Dates in 2018:

Jan 29
Mar 03
Mar 31
Apr 30
Jun 01
Jul 13
Aug 31
Sep 25
Okt 25
Nov 28

Time: 18:30-23:30

Location: Kaffee Stark,. Hamburg, Germany