Game Audio Contest Hamburg

Contest # 1

DEADLINE: 15.08.2017

This time the video material for the contest is taken from the game "Battle Planet" by Threaks from Hamburg, Germany.

About Battle Planet:

You're all alone on a micro planet in space when the deadly TERMINOIDS attack you from all sides. Now it's you against a gigantic army of enemies! All that stands between you and death is your gun power and a bomb defusal drone. Experience a stunning looking rogue-like VR shooter with nonstop action. Endless planets, massive bossfights and ultimate firepower awaits you. Fight your way up the Highscore ranks in this addictive One-Stick shooter and become a combat legend. How long will you survive until your planet blows to pieces?


  • Intriguing One-Stick shooting gameplay
  • Rogue-like VR action with endless planets
  • Gigantic boss fights and high score challenges
  • Power weapons, upgrades and dozens of enemy types

Thanks to THREAKS for supporting us !

How it works

Okay, so you want to participate, Awesome. Here is How it works:

  1. You download the video sniped fromt he link above. This is footage from a real game and you'll willa lso find a little info so you know what it's about.
  2. Now the fun part beginns. The video has sound effects, but no music. Thats your job. Score this small piece of video in the best possible way you can think of, as long as it does make sense contextually, everything is allowed...well, as long as you follow the contest rules.
  3. Send your finished piece back to us via email as a video file, before the deadline (15.08.17) runs out.
  4. We, the jury, will pick 3 finalists from all the pieces we recive, and inform them via email.
  5. The 3 finalists will be invited to Hamburg, to present themselfs and their piece at the next Gamecity Treff in front of the audience.
  6. The jury, the developers and the audience will together determin the three winners, and they will receive their prices.
  7. The footage for the next contest will be revealed, we will all enjoy a cold drink together and introduce the finalists to the sponsoring game devloper team.
  8. The winners will be Posted to our Gallery


We will have different prices every contest, for the first, second, and thrid place. These will be either sponsored by our Supporters, or selected by the jury. We wont annouce the prices upfront but you can see what the previous winner took home.

All prices will be in the form of music gear, music software, libraries, cupons, scholarships etc. Prices can't be returned or exchanged for money, but don't wory, we'll make sure the loot pile will always be filled with the stuff you dream of.

The Rules

  • You will send in one video file, via email, containing only your entry to the contest and your name.
  • The lenght of the originally provided file is not to be altered
  • Every participant is allowed a maximum of 2 entries.
  • You will not upload or share the piece you send in, anywhere online until the contest is over.
  • You will not distribute the content we provide.
  • You wont use the provided material for anything else but this contest.
  • You will only send in music that is yours, that you have writen and have all rights to.


The Jury

Jan-Helge Schnöbbe

Technical Composer, Sound Designer

Tolke Weinhold

Illustrator, Designer, Artist, Art Director

Oliver Parchment

Composer, Musical Supervisor

Frederick Aselmeier

Mixing Engineer, Producer, Educator

Merlin B. Gyoery

Technical Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Founder of Germany's 1st “Game Audio Meetup"

Federico F. Benitez

Composer, Studio Musician